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Customer Rewards Program

  • Program begins Monday, October 1, 2012.
  • All customers are eligible to participate.
  • Only retail sales made after October 1, 2012, count toward the Customer Reward credit totals; wholesale orders cannot count toward credit.
  • Each time a customer makes a purchase, the total of that sale (not including sales tax and shipping, if applicable) is noted on the customer’s rewards card and filed in the Black binder. After the customer has made 6 purchases, we calculate the total of the customer’s 6 purchases, then issue a store credit for 10% of that total. If a customer’s 6 purchases total $135, the credit will be $13.50. The credit can only be used on a future purchase from the store.
  • Customers can keep their own rewards cards or we will keep them on file at the store.
  • We’re sorry, consignment items (such as jellyfish, light bases and coin cases) cannot be included in sales totals for rewards credit.
  • Store rewards credit has no cash value.